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Greetings!  As Executive Director of Neqotkuk Health Services, I welcome you to our website.  Here you will find information about the many services offered, view pictures and learn about the latest and past projects that have been worked on.  As well, there are links to other organizations that can provide a wealth of information on health related topics and services.  We are constantly making changes to this website so please visit us often.  We hope you can navigate around this website comfortably and find the information useful.  Feel free to contact us by email at postmaster@neqotkukhealthcenter.ca , we welcome your comments.

Woliwon/Thank You,

Roxanne Sappier
Executive Director
Neqotkuk Health Center




We envision a healthy community in which the cultural values, traditions and beliefs are respected.



The purpose of the Neqotkuk Health Center is to: promote, educate and provide primary health care services. To improve health and well being by supporting holistic health (spiritual, physical, emotional and mental) and encouraging self-responsibility of the Wolastokyik people at Negootgook.



The value statements of the Neqotkuk Health Center include:

  • All staff members are obligated to treat clients with respect for their individual needs and values.
  • The utmost respect for clients rights to control their own care and their freedom of choice should be reflected in practice of the Neqotkuk Health Center.
  • All staff members are obligated to hold confidential, all information regarding client learned in service delivery.
  • All staff are guided by consideration of the dignity of the client.
  • All staff are obligated to provide competent care.
  • Staff are obligated to advocate the clients interest. Staff bear obligation to act in such a way that will maintain trust in the Neqotkuk Health Center.
  • Client and community care should be a cooperation effort, drawing upon expertise of all health professional limitations, individual staff members should recognize and seek the perspective and expertise of other colleagues from other disciplines.
  • Staff members are obligated to ensure that the client receives competent and ethical care.